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25x6° straight to mains LED wall washing light bar

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Products codes: ULS346M40, ULS346M30

The LEDLINE range is ideal for creating an array of lighting effects: whether you’re adding grandeur to buildings, highlighting intricate architectural features or drawing guests to an entrance.

The 200mm version adds more flexibility to the range - providing the option to install the LEDLINE in narrower spaces and more complex structures. Choose the asymmetric 25x6° beam angle option for a more precise effect, perfect for bathing walls and entrances with bright, focused light from a distance. Install with the UL Bracket to angle the light for a wider variety of effects.

By using existing mains cables, the built in mains driver makes installation quicker and easier than ever. Plus an IP65 rating, robust cable and 7-year extended warranty means you can rest assured that the LEDLINE range will stand the test of time. 

Features & Benefits

Asymmetric beam angle for distance wall wash

Mains driver built in for quick installation

Robust cable for permanent use outdoors

    Construction material: anodised aluminium