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Colour change LED spike light (4W max)

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Products codes: SL220CARGB

The spike light is by far the easiest unit to place in a garden. All you need is some soft ground near the feature you want to illuminate. That makes this colour change light with 30cm spike the most versatile colour-change luminaire for outdoor use.

Because there's no permanent fitting, you can spin the unit round to point in any direction. And you can tilt the head to any angle between vertical and horizontal for pinpoint accuracy. If you get bored with your lighting layout or you want to redesign your garden, you can pull out your spike lights and place them somewhere else. 

Features & Benefits:

Adjustable angle to direct light

Full RGB colour range

Compatible with a large range of controllers 

Anodised aluminium for use in outdoor and indoor environments

    Construction material: anodised aluminium