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25W LED dimmable 900mA power supply.

Products codes: PLD UNI-DRIVE 900MA

25W LED dimmable 900mA power supply. 

1-10v analogue dimmer compatible or live push to make.

Supplied with 1.5m synchronisation cable.


OLD - PLD Unidrive 350 description

A dimmable power supply for the 350mA LED range of Collingwood products, wired in series and able to run 1-10 1W or 1-3 3W LED products. Capable of dimming via a press to make switch or 1-10V analogue using the PDC/GRID DIMMER with the added option of linking up to 10 PLD Unidrive’s to one dimmer.

Dali dimming is also an option but does require the use of a synchronisation cable.